1. Ambassador Charles A. Johnson Jr

    This is very informative, the author is very clear on the risk and danger this business has for Africa. Akon must be scrutinize properly before moving with this business to Africa. I am so mad that often people take Africa for their dump site. It is about time that we expose the ills in this business and have Akon and his crew to be very clear before moving to Africa.

  2. Enlightened! Yes, you will be? or at least you might question Akon’s real motives on this project – all makes more sense to me now. Question is how do we stop the catalyst which is already moving at such a fast pace? What’s the solution? God help us all!

    • I think this is the first step… People need to start shining lights on these people and their false agendas… And we need to start asking the questions that need to be asked regarding what these people are saying ..

    • With all due respect to my African brothers and sisters…this does not say much for African countries if a “rapper” could influence such a large business deal with a government.

      Eminem, Akon, JZ, Doctor Dre, Snoop dog, Ice Cube, Queen Latifa, wiz khalifa…no black “entertainer” in America has enough clout to influence politics or economic policy to the degree to which you share except for maybe Oprah Winfrey.

      They are “entertainers”. They are modern day ” The king’s jesters “. They are here to make us laugh, smile and feel good. Nothing else.

      How could a country allow a “Jester” or “rapper” or what ever you want to call him to influence policy? I mean Akon is not even a politician. Akon is not smart enough to pull off such a feat. Who is really truly behind the evil scheme you alerted us to ?

      If what you say is true, Akon is simply a flukie acting as the “face”, he is not the brains. Find the brains.

      • Bernard, the thing is i have found the brains and it is the Chinese government. they are the ones behind this as china is in need of the natural resources of africa if they are to sustain their almost incomprehensible growth rate. the issue is that there are celebrities that are able to make am impact like akon is in africa. the issue is that there barrier to entry is so low that the “entertainer” doesn’t have to be that wealthy nor powerful as they do in the united states and other countries. furthermore, Akon by utilizing the “philanthropy” cover can sneak in and make it less likely that he will be questioned. He cannot be taken lightly as he was part of the sustainable energy 4 all forum last month. i don’t think its as easy as saying “how dare US” more it is shame on him for allowing himself to be a flunky and a tool to sell out the continent.

  3. The African Diaspora (descendants of transatlantic enslaved Africans) should be returning to Africa, to offer “alternative” development strategies. There are very feasible, sustainable, non-exploitative ways to develop Africa; but such development strategies should be done collectively, and must include “hands on” efforts. I am exhausted by Africans abroad, who pay lip-service to everything African. They talk endlessly about Africa’s “problems” but they “do” nothing at all. Every black organisation should choose an African village to develop and get on with it. Individuals should form collectives and cooperatives and go develop Africa. Stop complaining and start putting efforts into solving Africa’s problem. I have come to realize that though everyone know what the problems are; very few people want to solve them. They just want to talk and talk and talk endlessly, while the Akons, the Asians, The Arabs and Europeans recolonise Africa. Do something!! Come follow me.

    • Claudine, I 100% agree with you on this concept. I would like you to know that I am not just paying lip service to this. Those that know me personally know that I have taken some major steps in my life towards that effort. But I think there is a huge lack of discussion around these sorts of “philanthropic” efforts by exploiters and one on such a large scale as this has to be addressed because it could be the biggest step towards that recolonization effort that has ever happened, yet across the globe people are discussing it as if it is the greatest thing that ever happened to the continent. It is appalling to me that throughout the Internet THIS is the only commentary that is asking those questions… The only one?!? Why?!?

    • Perhaps the reason why many African Americans are disintrested in Africn problems is due to the way those Africans behave toward them when they are in America! My generation of Afro-Americans engaged in MANY acivities to support the African independence movement, but when the nations became free their representatives that came to the US only wanted to mingle and do BUSINESS with WHITES!!!! I have had several friends of mine who are Professors in elite American Universities say that several of their African students tell them that their parents warn them NOT TO ASSOCIATE with Afro-Americans. Hence if most African Americans show no interests in Africa it is YOUR OWN DOING!!!!

      • Playthell there are several assumptions that you make that doesn’t really correlate to me. But let’s look at it this way: there is only one continent right now that people that are of African descent have an opportunity to have ownership and control over and that is Africa. If the African cultures and countries are whipped out of controlling their destiny and the things that are said, african-Americans lose as well.. Everyone loses from this situations other than the People on Akons side of the contracts. I would argue that instead of being concerned, if true, with the fact that those guys for some reason had been brain washed to think that business was better when done with the people that looked more like the people that just controlled them… The Chinese run their course of their imperial trend with Akons help and the cycle continues….

      • Wow..the entire 1 billion people should worry about what you think in the US? To be honest they don’t care..How many white or Asians people do we see in Africa? We are not going to come begging,those black Americans who have gone into Africa lead good lives..I don’t see any development in the black neighborhoods in the US so that says a lot…High unemployment, high crime,poor education the list is endless..Keep your “elite professors” who feed your stigmas close..

        • I don’t know what your point is other that vitriol. I spoke nothing about a comparison of the U.S. Population and African population. The fact that you are commenting on things that have nothing to do with this article is confusing to me… Deny these issues and we can move on from there but to red herring the issue and change the subject makes no sense..

    • Keith

      You are correct. The Diaspora SHOULD invest in the Motherland. But the problem is, WE DON’T, or WON’T. Unfortunately, we have adopted the American / Eurocentric investing approach whereby if a profit is not made tomorrow, it is a failure.

      • That is not true though because there is a movement for young Africans to return home and if indeed we have adopted the American /Eurocentric investing approach we would be investing way more in the continent, it has a significantly higher return on investment than any other place on this earth.

  4. Jargon

    And what are the African nations, famous African celebrities and African Diaspora going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. There is no point in even bothering because at least Chinese are doing something useful with the land, they’ll at least bring in more jobs and develop these nations. Plus if governments and people in general are really foolish enough to believe that someone like Akon who has no strong link with Africa, will donate millions of his own money just for the ‘good’ of it, then they might as well deserve it.

    Plus China has already started taking over many parts and the blind natives are welcoming them with open hearts, basically the past repeating itself but in another time.

  5. Dami

    Now from a purely financial stand point, such a huge project requires the capital from one source or another. It also requires manpower and technical skill. I’m certain he knocked on a few doors before eventually going with the Chinese. This sir is purely business. The Chinese are in every aspect of the world market and even has the US in a debt headlock. So what exactly is your hang up? Would it make a difference if it was Martians and not Chinese? Maybe perhaps people from Australia. I know to a high degree of confidence that if akon could’ve secured an African solar power company, and gotten the $$ needed from Africans he would have.

    2) so when time comes to pay remittance on the credit line. You seem to be upset that the bill would be shifted back to the governments. WHY THE HELL NOT?? It should’ve been their responsibility in the first place: when there’s a government in place there should’ve been no need at all for private individuals to take on such large scale projects to give the people amenities they so desperately need. All these governments are ripe with corruption and I know they’ve embezzled more than just $1b so why is it so bad that they’ll be made to pay for something they should’ve done a while back. I mean it’s very convenient for you to sit wherever you are and criticize “how” power was provided to 600million Africans who never had it. I mean you get your devices and internet to blog away etc but apparently they don’t deserve it because you don’t approve of how it was done? This is the problem with black people. Your worst critics will be your own people. I haven’t read a single suggestion or alternative method on how this could’ve been done: just your indignation towards another black man doing things for his people. Trying to vilify him like he’s some big corporation lobbying politicians to extort poor people. It’s not “fuck Akon” it’s FUCK YOU! Debt or no debt, 600m Africans are about to be the most productive they’ve ever been and your lip service didn’t do that for them. Support and encourage your people. Protect and encourage accountability but do not try to tear down an investment in the future of African people.

    • From a purely financial standpoint such a huge project doesn’t have to be such a huge project… I am certain he didn’t knock on any doors for this furthermore from a purely economic standpoint such a monopoly on something like power would not be tolerated much less seen as a great idea on any other continent than Africa… Just think about the influence that can be had if one country controls the access to power over an entire continent in which that country doesn’t reside… I mean seriously that hasn’t happened since the British colonialist times.. That’s the issue. No other group in the world would anyone consider this even an acceptable premise… There is money to be made in Africa certainly, the guise of philanthropy is bs, as these companies stand to make a killing and they try to pretend like they are helping… I bet you would find investors tripping over themselves to be a part of this deal given the opportunity… But I don’t think he tried

      • Ihuruwetu

        I can’t seem to understand your reply to the questions (1) do you have an alternative to this model or are you just critiquing? (2) do you understand badic business fundamentals such as capital financing, opportunity cost etc (3) do you understand that the target African population DOES NOT and HAVE NOT had options for access to electricity? (4) Do you have the slightest idea what it means/what’s the impact for the children and families future in development when they continue to be in the dark?

        • My alternative is to find more investors to back this project if it must go through… I hope it doesn’t… But in reality this monopoly they are trying to get is terrible business because it is trying to destroy the already booming African solar industry… The true solution is to allow the native entrepreneurs to fulfill their destiny and be the ones to develop the industry. This would allow less involvement from the government, more funds from that industry to stay within those countries and the continent as a whole. I have a business management degree from a prominent college, and have spent the last 11 years at Merrill lynch and recently Raymond James as a VP of banking. I do understand business very well and this type of move would never be tolerated in western countries. What is the point of having electricity if the country is going to effectively be in perpetual debt to the Chinese… Have you even factored in that the risk free rate of many of those countries are insane, thus making it extremely difficult for those governments to catch up?

  6. Is this targeted at Akon himself (personally)???? because he didnt bring The Chinese to Africa? He is an amateur as compared to the real rapist of the continent? It is no longer enough to “call each other out” when the real perpetrators are Govts that allow and sign off on these deals….till we educate and equip the masses with the power of their vote….we will constantly find decoys to shoot at us. God Bless Akon….I hope some of the cash drips down to the grassroots…I am not mad at him….I’m mad at all of us for it seems finger-pointing is all we have left. A political Change of attitude among the politician will only play out when politicians recognize they can truly be out voted-voted out of office.

    • You don’t see what is happening here. It is one thing that the Chinese are there but once they get control of electricity to over 60% of the continent, they will effectively have control over the governments and they are using Akon to do it and he is making it seem like this is his initiative when in reality the real people behind this are the Chinese. What he is doing is worse than any government has done… Because what one corrupt leader on Eastern Africa does does not necessarily mean it will hurt someone in Nigeria and so on and so forth.. This is an effort to put the entire continent under one umbrella, this harkens back to what the British did during colonial times… That’s the issue is that it’s exactly like that and is taking us back

      • Major Mbaxta

        I really don`t see the issue you want us to see in this ‘thecorge’; are you against the idea of Akon, a businessman working with the Chinese to provide electricity to Africans or, your issue is Africans having electrical power in their communities/villages? You should be mad, very mad at the lack of leadership in African countries and the response if any of us Africans in the diaspora. I truly think that if you are from Africa, there`s currently no electricity, pipe-borne water, health clinic, and or school in your village all due to the neglect of the government. How can anyone account for the fact that Nigeria is the third supplier of crude oil to the U.S. and yet about 70% of Nigerian homes have no electricity? Man, the list is long……and never ending!

        • I clearly think you are absolutely not paying attention then my friend. What I am saying is that there is definitely work to be done. But this effort is a promised short term good for a long term bad. And Africa does not need that right now. Africa is experiencing an unprecedented amounts of young Africans around the world returning back to make differences. Younger and younger generations are realizing our excellence and I feel those generations have a great deal to offer and that these types of efforts will destroy that momentum… This sort of thing allows outside people to control not just work along side but control how the governments behave. And as we learned from the British, the Dutch, the French and the rest of Europe, when other countries try to “civilize” or as they see it “modernize and help” Africa, they generally do so at the detriment of the native people of the land… Akon is offering another situation where the economic viability and power of these countries will be heavily influenced if not fully controlled by Chinese companies which in reality is the Chinese government.

  7. Ms. Peace

    I would like proof of the strong allegations from this word press site. I feel like people who do nothing are always complaining about some one who does something. Maybe if the person who wrote this article would site their sources, otherwise it looks like propaganda to me and an attempt at divisiveness. #shrug

    • I’m sorry you feel that way but I did place a few links and the rest of the information is but a Google search away. I spent some good time researching this information and all of it was done on the Internet… Want to get proof about what he said regarding the “conflict diamonds” ?!? Google “conflict diamond Akon South Africa” and it will probably Pop up… You can do that with anything there. I’m glad you have doubt in formation provided to you. I would hope that doubt is not based on the fact that you would rather believe Akon is a great person rather than who he truly is…. But look any of that up and you will find not an ounce of it is a lie…. I don’t attempt divisiveness nor propaganda… It is a factual post…

  8. Ras Tariq

    Greetings Corge,

    I find your article very interesting. Could you provide some more insight to where you got this information about the quotes Akon made and could you provide us with some of the exact sources you used to draw your conclusion.
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Your article reminded me of these words by the late Hon. prophet Marcus Garvey; “We are either on the way to a higher racial existence or racial extermination. This much is known and realized by every thoughtful race and nation; hence, we have the death struggle of the different races of Europe and Asia in the scramble of the survival of the fittest race.” – Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey edited by Amy Jacques-Garvey, The Journal of Pan African Studies 2009 eBook, page 39.

    When reading this article and keeping the Hon. Marcus’ words in mind it kind of looks like the Chinese do not only want to take control of government, finance and resources but might also want to bring in a one-child-policy.

  9. I’ve worked in the solar industry which started by using defective panels from the computer industry. Effective solar panels can have defects and still be useful just not as efficient but beat NO power. There are DIY articles on how to find free defective panels and build systems. All solar panels have defects they’re rated and priced by how many. US has added massive tarifs to protect their own industry that was crumbling due to the dumping of cheap solar panels in the US market. The US government and most governments have subsidize solar successfully and they should, it’s to everyone’s benefit. Countries still using dirty fossil fuels are the major leaders in air pollution and the shortening of human life and disease and climate change worldwide, including China. 1/3 of air pollution in the San Francisco bay area comes from China for instance. Many of the materials used in solar and computers comes from Africa.
    I don’t follow Akon or his politics but some of your facts are off on solar panels, true on China’s motivations but they do that here in US. US does it too, massive amounts of $ moving into Africa to develop and no doubt own the solar industry there. Google is spending millions on research how to spend billions for instance, it’s not just China but many countries.
    So what do you propose with all you know? I mean, I understand the criticism and sentiment. But if you’re using your knowledge just to criticize and not inspire or promote more home grown green energy then it is just hating.
    Don’t just be a thermometer be a thermostat. What can Africa do for itself and how?

    • I don’t know if that is certainly true. Tariffs against the Chinese solar industry is not to protect American companies, rather it is to make the market equatable. Government sponsored companies have a huge capital advantage over private firms, and allow a subsidized company to run free in that industry would send detrimental ripples through the economy and set a precedent that could prove costly

    • As a matter of fact Natcore technology a solar technology firm out of NJ I believe has just developed a process that makes the cells 25% more effective. There is a huge difference between subsidizing a growing industry and state run company. And you are right there are massive funds going into Africa and a lot of money in Africa. To use these tactics to gain an unfair advantage is absurd. Imagine if an African came to America and tried to use an American celebrity to put pressure on political and public policy in order to gain contracts… He’d get shot. What I propose with all I know is that Akon needs to stop the rhetoric that most investors use when it comes to Africa, the lie that they are “helping” Africa. As if the continent is a charity case…the continent has the highest ROI in the world and there is already a booming native solar market in many of these countries. If this company succeeds it will destroy the organic growth of the industry and also siphon a considerable amount of wealth from the continent, and effectively stunt the already slow growth of these countries. Allow African companies to have is “subsidy” in the solar industry or a tariff of sorts on international companies doing business in on the continent. My belief is that Africa does not need the Chinese nor and especially Akon, Akon and the Chinese need Africa to grow their wealth and power

  10. cris clair

    im an african american who would love to invest in african countries only outlet that was world vision and sponsor a girl name fatness tembo
    can someone give show where and how to invest do we just pray pick a country buy a ticket and go.and pray for the best where are the outlets thats not controlled by non africans ??? HELP!!!!!

  11. Easy

    If you have a computer you are guilty of supporting human rights violations, same for sneakers and well most things. Society/business is not “nice” or for “nice people” there are a bunch of white men that are guilty of way worse. What you are not reading into is he is going to build an infrastructure that is needed but that these countries cannot afford out right. The Leaders of these countries don’t build infrastructure because like most leaders they don’t care about the poor and are fundamentally corrupt. Will China benefit? Sure. Will Akon get richer sure. Was that blood diamond line crazy? Fuck yeah, to you, cause you’re not from Africa. When egregious atrocities are committed for food, land, religion ect. it’s easy to be desensitized to atrocities committed over diamonds. But really what he is doing is building something needed and letting people pay for it with slow money which will allow them to have something they need but would not be able to have otherwise. And he will power large areas of Africa without destroying the ecology of the continent. And I don’t buy that the solar panels will be sub par, China wants to move 20% of it’s population to Africa over the next 20 years, they aren’t building a faulty infrastructure for themselves to take over, don’t make sense…

    • I approved your comment but you’re obviously either oblivious to reality to have zero care for the people of the continent. The blood diamond line seems crazy to me because I am not from Africa? Interesting since I am from Africa. To claim that is any basis for understanding a man that is willing to denying the atrocities of conflict diamonds and the diamond industry in general is an absurdity above most I have ever heard. China wants to move 20% of its population to Africa over the next 20years??? I need to look at this deeper but if true this is even more interesting.

  12. Its crazy how much bad is conceived from an act off good, all the claims here are very possible but on the same time can be false to cause the conclusions almost sounds personal, cause Akon has expressed that he has good intentions to help his people, he could have been doing all types off other BS.
    My Questions go to the so call writer who left Liberia and and other person throwing shade on this monumental project . We have men off Africa who actually have the $ 1 billion that Akon had to secure in credit that are not doing anything but sitting on the money…
    My Question what have you ever done for Africa, it’s easy to sit behind a computer, create a theory due to admiration of this mans achievements and accuse, try and judge all at the same time….
    ******* Since you have all the answers ! What are you going to do Sir’s, sit down and throw shade or step up to the individual plates in your country ******..


    • Sir I just quit a six figure job as a vp at a brokerage firm so I can devote my time to figuring out how to help the continent and the world as a whole…there is nothing personal towards Akon other than the facts that show me he doesn’t have the best interest of Africa and its people at heart…the information provided here is 100% accurate and there are plenty of people trying to bring electricity to the continent, a lot of them being African owned businesses, but he and his backers are using this as a means to gain a monopoly… I challenge you to research this yourself and come to another conclusion

    • thecorge

      sir i was a child fleeing war.It was not a conscious decision i made to turn my back on the continent. but i ask you why is it shade when these are facts and this man has nothing bu bad intentions foe the continent? why can’t you just take the information do your own research and if it is indeed not true then come back and tell me how…but i doubt that will be your finding..

  13. mc1010

    Here’s to Akon. Major infrastructure projects take proper venture capital investment. Period. Wanting to power a few municipal buildings might take a small investment but to power 600,000 residents takes a ton of money. This project also smartly provides a skill set training not only for learning to install solar panels, etc. but maintenance as well. Once power is in place the next set of infrastructure development comes into play which is continued road building and residential and commercial development which leads to better logistics so that going forward there’s an increased opportunity for trade and tourism. Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clarke has repeatedly pointed out the brilliance of how the Japanese turned their economy around after being nearly annihilated by Americans and uses it as a prescription for Black development.

    A certain portion of U.S. Black population has trouble unifying and pooling their funds to open desperately needed community centers that could provide a safe haven and a learning environment for both kids and senior adults alike. There used to be 500 Black-owned hospitals in the U.S. by the 70s and now in 2015 there is one. One. What happened? Those hospitals provided jobs on all levels and were a tremendous service and so criticizing Akon is really in poor taste especially via the internet which is based on being blessed with an infrastructure in place that is now assumed – a residence with energy, electricity & running water.

    Perhaps there’s a bit of jealousy in that he’s been able to pull off a huge project especially when it means having to sit down at meetings and speak intelligently, write a proper business plan and make a presentations to whites and Asians even in the face of the whites and Asians that U.S. Black seem frightened of? The fact is that Africa and Asia are the future and it makes sense that they get together and do business. And like it or not that’s The New Age. There is opportunity for the “Diaspora” to participate in that development as well but they’ll have to step up, travel there, connect, network, discover opportunities, write proposals, securing funding and make things happen. ‘Cause when I traveled to Ghana for 17 days last year there plenty of white and Asians doing that.

    • thecorge

      the problem is that you just don’t see what is really happening…you are of the belief that people who steal your food and then come back and offer you crumbs are doing you a favor…there are african companies trying to build the continent but they are being blocked by foreign nations because of deals like this. ask yourself why there are 28 or so billionaires in africa and only 8 native to the continent..

  14. mc1010

    You can not steal the sun. And as far as I can tell the folks in Akon’s project are not being enslaved to be trained to install and maintain solar panel installation and building the ancillary structures that uphold it. And please, do school me on how a bank, large corporation, venture capital investment, 501c-3 or even the pooled efforts of 20,000 grandmothers who fund a development project are “stealing”. If these are investments are you really that naive enough to think there isn’t an expected ROI? This isn’t a crowdfunding project where you get a t-shirt for throwing in $10 and a gold star. But with the infrastructure of energy in place eventually you can have Africans who start crowdfunding projects for any number things that can create Pan-African or international trade. With energy in place, roads get built, commerce increases, housing increases – and all the ancillary that get created to maintain it – and who knows, the “spoiled” Diaspora might make their way there for a new life. Asian will

    • thecorge

      i have never said there is anything wrong with putting power in place..there are several african companies trying to do this..solar power in africa is a booming industry and AKon is in reality trying to use his star power to manipulate the market and give the chinese an unfair advantage. look into it and you will see that the media efforts to make this scumbag the figure head of this effort is insane. because its been going on. his attitudes around conflict diamonds shows his heart is not pure


    I think people who read this article and write their comments have no idea how investment works. I am african and I do work with American, Chinese and European companies. First most of Chinese companies are government owned. When you make an investment in a foreign country the guaranty of the debt with a sovereign or bound guaranty. Akon is not doing anything wrong than any private or public wouldn’t do. I also think that most people under estimate Africans we are smarter than you think and that is the problem of Africa. It’s a different mentality you have to understand that first. You have to pay to play just like here in the USA but it’s called campaign contributions. Both wrong but the same. Let’s talk shit about the Chinese, they done more in africa than any of the colonizers we have more millionairs in africa than ever before we have more access to do commerce than ever before because of many factors that the Chinese did in Africa now the colonizers are taking us a bit more seriously. They had the more Intel and knowledge of the continent than the Chinese but they didn’t do shit for africa so please fucking stop with bs you learn in us or Europe you can’t compare the 2.
    We have a chance with the Chinese that we never had with the colonizers who brought us wars conflicts and diseases. You should write about how does africa get his investment from Europe and how is that debt repaid. The most evil corporation in west africa is France not china or Akon. Do your research before you rant about things you know so little about.

    • WordPress.com Support

      I am working on the follow up… On this I did do my research and I know a lot about investments and how it works especially since I spent 10 years as a VP at two of the largest financial brokerages in the U.S. This Akon lighting Africa initiative is now about proper investment it is about take over…

    • Hmmmmm Well said thats a different perspective. I get the feeling many think of the Africans as misguided easily fooled people.Not necessarily like i mentioned with the media no Chinese would be able to abuse our people because the government has put things in place

      • WordPress.com Support

        Debt has been used for centuries to gain power over nations… The British and the Europeans were and are exceptionally good at it. The Chinese derive a lot of their tactics from those old world European concepts and this is an effort to take the continent.. The Chinese need Africa in order to really accomplish their economic expansion.

  16. I would like to Quote Carter G Woodson’s Book: The Mis-Education of the Negro.

    “Gossiping and scandal-mongering Negroes, spread rumor before a black business get a chance”. Mis-educated by the oppressors of the race, such Negroes expect the Negro business man to fail anyway. They seize, then, upon unfavorable reports, exaggerate the situation, and circulate falsehoods throughout the world to their own undoing. You read such headlines as GREATEST NEGRO BUSINESS FAILS, NEGRO BANK ROBBED BY ITS OFFICERS, and THE TWILIGHT OF NEGRO BUSINESS. The mis-educated Negroes, then, stand by saying:

    “I told you so. Negroes cannot run business. My professors pointed that out to me years ago when I studied economics in college; and I never intend to put any of my money in any Negro enterprise.”

    Yet, investigation shows that in proportion to the amount of capital invested Negro enterprises manifest about as much strength as businesses of others similarly situated. Negro business men have made mistakes, and they are still making them; but the weak link in the chain is that they are not properly supported and do not always grow strong enough to pass through a crisis. The Negro business man, then, has not failed so much as he has failed to get support of Negroes who should be mentally developed sufficiently to see the wisdom of supporting such enterprises”

    This book is from 1933, I see we still have the same scandal-mongering Negroes Today.

    Let me close with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    • WordPress.com Support

      I sincerely don’t get the stupidity in bringing up those quotes… When in reality, not all business is good business. Do you see me criticizing the countless African based solar companies trying to make a difference?!? Do you see me criticizing other people trying to do good deeds in Africa? No … I am criticizing a man that says “conflict diamonds are a myth” because he bought a diamond mine and then this year said he bought the diamond mind to combat conflict diamonds? I am criticizing a man that has a history of thinking I’ll of the people of Africa and yet claims to be one of its champions, I am criticizing and providing facts and his own words that shows his intent is not as noble as he tries to make it seem… What you are missing is a more important quote by Harriet Tubman “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they slaves”

      • Upon investigation, however, it was discovered that the complainers ‘Of Black Businesses” and most others like him have never invested anything in any of the Negro business, although they have tried to make a living by exploiting them “For Adsense Ad Revenue”. But they feel a bit guilty on this account, and when they have some apparent ground for fault-finding they try to satisfy their conscience which all but condemns them for their suicidal course of getting all they can out of the race while giving nothing back to it.

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          I don’t know what gibberish you are trying to say here, but if you would like to clarify I am more than happy to engage. Again you are part of the group of people that would like to ignore facts and make subtle, vague, unfounded generalized attacks on me and my intentions rather than provide any evidence to the contrary regarding the facts I laid out.. Dispute the evidence not the man that brings it to you.

  17. Very informative article. I too am orginally from Africa in my country there are a few Chinese comapnies but truth be told they are unable to mistreat people. Because the government will kick any companys out that are racist to the workers etc. It would be interesting also to state many a times before certian companies abuses citizens of other countries their culture or own governments abuse their people or sell them out who can forget the blood diamonds in Sierra Leone? Or killing of fellow africans by black South Africans and the list goes on.. Its about if governments are willing to sell their people out There are many organisations and people working quietly and doing an excellent job in Africa. That said i was very disappointed in Akon

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      You know the thing that’s interesting about African governments and masses is that we act like people from abusive relationships, we don’t really see the abuse as what it is. And we have people that will turn on their own people to be in the good graces of these abusers… It’s disgusting on so many levels . Akon is one of those people… I was utterly disgusted when he said that he bought the diamond minds to combat conflict diamonds two months ago, after he had claimed that he never believed in them when he first made the purchase..

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        I have to tell you that is an absurd comment… First I created this article that opened the eyes of many towards what is happening on the continent… It obviously is still moving around and inspiring people to take notice because I wrote this in May I believe and you’re just now reading it some almost 3 months later… I do what is within my power and will continue to do so… So please stop with the abstract “Go and create better” in your mind it might sound like a profound statement but in reality it’s lazy and requires no thought

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