Short lessons on life: Manhood and the Georgia Moment Pt 1 of 2:


“Who wants to go next?!?” She said as she descended the stairs with me behind her, somewhat like a young puppy following its master. With a terrified, yet saddened look on my face I looked into the living room full of strippers and coyly belted out “I, I only brought one condom”. They loving laughed … [Read more…]

Deeds not words: the Scott Richardson years pt 2of 2


“I wanted to press charges against him for sexual harassment. He was trying to be funny one day and since I had dated 2 Shawns he put on the board all the Shawns in the school and made a bet with the class that I would “be” with all of them. Then he played the … [Read more…]

Deeds not words: The Scott Richardson Years Pt. 1 of 2

Your first day at Milton Hershey School will always be the most absurd day of your life as a “Milt.” Besides the series of onboarding activities, you’re presented with some of the traditions and history of the school. Few traditions and legacies are as important as the school motto, “Deeds not words.” But to understand … [Read more…]

NewClear(nuclear) Relationship: how Iran and the West got here


“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them” -Ernest Hemingway There has been an incredible amount of grumbling coming from those on the right in America and the rest of the West and Israel over the nuclear deal with Iran. I decided to look not only into the … [Read more…]

OOOOmg: Sex knowledge all men need to have 


  Yesterday I watched the movie “Nymphomaniac” and loved it. The movie is not for everyone, but for a nerd like me, it was amazingly scientific, psychological, philosophical and at times theological. It reminded me that sex is very important to life and happiness. So with that, here are a few sex things I’ve learned … [Read more…]

Fresh Prince of Grand Theft Auto


    Grand Theft Auto was one of my favorite games growing up, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was one of my favorite shows growing up.  Youtube and GTA enthusiast Merfish decided to recreate the intro of Fresh Prince on GTA.  Most of you will notice the theme song is a little longer than … [Read more…]

Should you blindly vaccinate your kids? The answer will probably…..


When I first embarked on learning about vaccinations, I did so with an open mind. I am a man of science, so to speak, so I always trust solid evidence as the best means to getting to the answer. Naturally, as a man of science, my bias was in favor of vaccinations. Fearing that my … [Read more…]

The honest truth about the 4th of July will surprise you

Fireworks behind statue of liberty

The honest truth is that you cannot celebrate the 4th of July and Independence day with any truth in your heart unless you shun the confederate flag and everything it stands for. Below are 5 facts that prove that point 1) The Confederate flag and the civil war wasn’t about slavery it was about state’s … [Read more…]

5 funny videos that are worth wasting time on, because laughter is kinda dope


Because you’re probably at work or bored somewhere else and need something to laugh at or more importantly you want to win todays episode of “have you seen…” 1) Stop Motion Karate …. because its awesome 2)Awesomest dude in America, of courses its a Walmart in Kentucky 3)Because rich people need help too 4) You … [Read more…]

Feel like a fraud?: its not low self esteem


Exactly one month ago, I was sitting in my office staring at my screen. I had just closed a pretty good deal that pushed me above my quarterly goal with 1 month left in the quarter. I should have felt fantastic, I should have felt a great sense of accomplishment, but not this cat. All … [Read more…]